Service Announcements

Attention: Due to construction the Rte 5 inbound : Pecks Rd -Onota St- Vin Hebert Blvd-Valentine Rd -Johnny's Variety-Valentine Rd-Lakeway Dr- Onota St. Outbound: Onota St-Lakeway Dr-Valentine Rd- Vin Hebert Blvd-Onota St-Pecks Rd
Burbank Park: The Route 5A now services Burbank Park by request. The only exception will be on Wednesdays during Live on the Lake. The last time the park will be serviced on Wednesdays, will be at 3:30 PM, outbound to Lanesboro. Anyone needing to get back to the ITC should take the bus at this hour or make their way to Lakeway Dr and Valentine Rd to catch the bus inbound.
Detour Route 5 Pittsfield/ Lanesbough: Due to roundabout construction on North St, the bus stop at BMC has been relocated to Charles St at the entrance to the hospital. Buses will not service North St between Wahconah St and Charles St.
Farmers Market North Adams - SATURDAYS ONLY May 18-October 19th: Due to the farmers market the routes 3 and 34 are unable to service Main St North Adams every Saturday from 9AM-1PM from May 18th through October 19th. During this time, we will be servicing via American Legion Drive.
Route 2 Detour: Starting Wednesday, May 15, 2024, for approximately the next 3 weeks, the Route 2 will not be able to service Crystal St in Lenoxdale. The Outbound Route 2 will leave Lenox Center and turn left on Church St, right onto Housatonic St. It will then turn right onto US 7&20 and turn left onto Walker St, then right onto Mill St. The inbound Route 2 will turn left from Mill St onto Walker St, then right onto US 7&20, then left onto Housatonic St.
North Adams Walmart Bus Stop Moved: The bus stop for the Routes 1 & 34 at the North Adams Walmart will be moved to the front of the front of the store by the garden center. Do not wait at the bus shelter.